A Virtual day of a Senior Consultant and Trainer on Demand

7:40 AM: Arriving at work

The sun is rising over Brno and Elina is arriving at work: she is excited about the new day ahead will bring new people, useful knowledge and challenging tasks that which she will handle with a smile.

8:00 AM: Team Meeting

Elina’s day starts with a Team Meeting, where team members discuss the team’s targets, performance results and product topics.

8:20 AM: Product presentation

Last week Elina was asked to prepare a presentation about Lufthansa Free Baggage Allowance. Today she is presenting the information which will help new consultants to gain confidence in the topic, while experienced consultants will have a chance to revise their knowledge.

8:45 AM: Answering questions

After finishing her presentation, Elina is answering questions from her team members. Sharing knowledge is the best way to learn!

9:45 AM: Listening to calls

Elina is discussing her personal targets with her Team Leader: together they listen to recorded calls and agree on development areas for Elina to focus on.

10:30 AM: Receiving feedback

Elina is having a fruitful discussion with her Team Leader and is happy to receive constructive feedback regarding her performance as a Customer Service Consultant.

11:00 AM: Coffee break

After the feedback with her Team Leader, Elina takes a short break to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in our stylish kitchen – it’s always a pleasure chatting to the colleagues in an informal environment.

11:15 AM: Customer care

Elina is now refreshed and is handling customer requests with a positive approach – she is always willing to provide outstanding service to Lufthansa passengers and make the best use of her skills.

4:40 PM: End of the working day

Elina’s working day is over and she feels satisfied – it was a great day during which she accomplished her goals by helping many people with their queries and learning new things. She is looking forward to the well-earned time off.