A Virtual day of Customer Service Consultant Junior

7:45 AM: Arriving at work

Kristijan came to work this morning feeling the day will be very busy: this is his last day of Starter Training and he will finally have an opportunity to experience direct contact with Lufthansa customers.

8:10 AM: Final product test

Before Kristijan starts handling passengers’ calls he needs to pass his final product test: it will show he understands the Lufthansa products and services and is ready to fulfill customers’ requests. Kristijan is optimistic – he’ll definitely pass the test as he studied really hard during the 3 weeks of the Training.

11:00 AM: Coffee break

Kristijan finished the test, and he heads to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee and chat to his new colleague – Elina who has already worked at Lufthansa InTouch for 2 years and is always happy to share her experience with the new colleagues.

11:15 AM: Test results

Together with other trainees, Kristijan is back in the Training room to hear the good news: he passed the final test!

12:00 PM: Coaching

Kristijan can’t conceal his happiness – he is so proud of his results! He is smiling as he faces his first real challenge – the first customer’s call is waiting for him.

4:05 PM: Feedback

First customers requests are served and for Kristijan it’s time to receive feedback from his Coach – they are discussing points for improvement and agree on targets to be reached during Kristian’s first months in Lufthansa InTouch.

4:45 PM: The working day is over

Kristijan’s working day has come to an end and he feels great: his day was productive and full of new experiences. Kristijan is now positive he can make a positive contribution to Lufthansa InTouch and add value to the business.