Meet Our Team!

The Lufthansa Team

Thanks to the Lufthansa team, we provide services to passengers from nearly 20 countries in 12 languages. Walking through our office, you can hear our consultants speaking German, Italian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian and English. The main task of our teams is to handle requests from travel agencies from the local markets. Additionally, according to each consultant’s language skills, they can help other teams to ensure a 5-star customer experience.

The SWISS Team

Similar to Lufthansa, the Swiss team also comprises of members from many different countries, such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Russia. Their daily work includes a variety of tasks, most importantly handling calls from passengers and travel agencies, dealing with ticketing, answering e-mails and managing customer feedback. Besides the Central and Eastern European markets, the team also plays an important role in assisting passengers from Switzerland. This service includes handling calls in English and providing ticketing services. The team also shares certain tasks with other Lufthansa InTouch locations, working as one international team with our colleagues from Istanbul and Cape Town.

The Fulfillment Team

The Fulfillment Team supports and assists both colleagues and customers with complex ticketing requests. The team operates on a 24/7 basis. Team members are from different countries from Central and Eastern Europe. They all started their career as Customer Service Consultants; after gaining experience and developing their skills, they now support and share their knowledge with less experienced colleagues. In addition to other duties, team members provide support and information to consultants dealing with passengers and travel agencies, and to airline representatives who assist passengers whose flights have been cancelled. Other duties include issuing tickets booked by phone or online, rebooking tickets and processing refunds, as well as issuing and reissuing booked through our frequent flyer programme Miles and More.