Company Values

Our Lufthansa InTouch values are reflected in the manner in which we conduct our business.

A Lufthansa Company

We are the voice of Lufthansa!

We provide services for Lufthansa’s major markets and the airline’s brands.

We are THE Lufthansa customer service centre.

We live the Lufthansa spirit and this turns our service into an individual five-star customer experience.

International Team Spirit

Performing as one international team enables us to speak with the language and style our customers expect.

Our multicultural and multilingual diversity equips us with the skill-set needed to both service the actual request and be mindful of the individuals’ cultural background.

We conduct most services in the mother tongue of our customers and with a high degree of courtesy in order to meet our passengers expectations associated with their cultural roots.

Quality Leader

We strive to be a quality leader within the customer service industry.

Our highly skilled consultants are the trademark of our service.

Providing outstanding quality, we exceed the expectations of our customers. This expertise is our asset.

For this we permanently foster our professional competency.

We enhance our skills and knowledge alike, by conducting ongoing comprehensive trainings.

People Business

We care about people – about our passengers and colleagues alike.

We are warm, kind and professional. That’s the nature of our performance.

Our professional team spirit is shaped by all individual interactions with our customers and among our colleagues, or simply put – communication between human beings.

Individual Caring

Whether it’s about changing flight details or getting your beloved kids to their final destination – we are driven to effectively care about each passenger’s individual inquiry.

We are passionately dedicated to ensure that millions of people get where they love to be.