About Us

Lufthansa InTouch is a worldwide network of Lufthansa Service Centers with headquarters in Berlin. With 7 locations in 7 countries we are responsible for the Lufthansa Group’s customer service for which we offer over 360 services for about 40 different markets, in more than 30 languages. We assist Lufthansa customers, along with the customers of other companies within the Lufthansa Group, regarding product, pricing or reservation questions and offer support for all inquiries relating to the website www.lufthansa.com.

We qualify our multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-skilled teams through an extensive in-house training. This secures exceptional quality for our clients and helps us to discover and develop talent. We embrace diversity and focus on our clients as one global team. Our excellent customer service relies on experience, teamwork and exceptional skills. All our consultants provide comprehensive knowledge within the airline and travel industry.

We offer exciting employment opportunities to graduates, newcomers and experienced professionals, with continuous entry opportunities as a Customer Service Consultant at all 8 of our locations.

Job opportunities at Lufthansa InTouch worldwide